Important Notice

Avail 4% DA for April 2024 through Arrear Bill available from approver login.

  • To introduce NGIPF following mandatory columns - First Memo (Memo no of first appointment/ Joining ref. no) , Present Memo details (Transfer order no / joining memo in the last post held) are to be filled. Please fill up the columns first and then proceed for salary bill generation.
  • Requesting all Employees to Subscribe / LIKE / Share PNRD Official YouTube Channel : YouTube.COM/WBPNRD
  • DA JAN 2024
  • Festival Advance order 2022
  • Bonus Order 2022
  • DA JANUARY 2021
  • Order of F.D in connection with formation of West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund. For contribution details may please be seen bellow headed as West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund
  • Data feeding of employees into new fields in iOSMS application for facilitating integration with ePension